BrainVoyager Online Help

BrainVoyager 2000

We recommend that you use the automatic web update feature to download the latest help files. Simply click the Automatic Web update... item in the Help menu to start the download process. The automatic web update tool compares the help files in your local BrainVoyager folder with the files on this site and downloads only the files necessary. If you want to download the online help files manually, click on each of the files listed below and make sure that they are placed in the BrainVoyager folder (i.e. "C:\Program Files\BrainVoyager") of the target computer.

You may also use the User's Guide in WebHelp format. Note, however, that at present only the recent changes of BrainVoyager versions 4.x are available in web help format. The full User's Guide will be available shortly.