BrainVoyager 2000 Update

To download BrainVoyager 2000, version 4.9, click on a link below. Before unzipping the downloaded file, close any running instance of BrainVoyager. Extract the content of the downloaded ZIP file into your BrainVoyager folder (i.e. "C:\Program Files\BrainVoyager") in order to replace your current "BrainVoyager.exe" file. This completes the update.

Note that this update works only in combination with the new HASP licensing system. If you use a software key or the old (Rainbow) dongle, please send an email to and ask for the appropriate update file. We recommend all users of BrainVoyager to switch to the new HASP system, which provides single user licenses as well as floating network licenses for BrainVoyager 2000 and the upcoming BrainVoyager QX package.

The versions found here add a number of new features and fixes reported bugs. A detailed description of all changes can be found in the updated help files, which you can obtain by running the "Automatic Web update" feature from BrainVoyager's Help menu. You may also view the updated help files in web format here.